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How do I speed up my computer - working methods to actually increase the speed of your computer

Over time our computers can become bogged down and become very sluggish and slow. This article will show you some tried and true methods of unclogging your computer and quickly speeding it up. Whether you're on a Pc or a Mac computer, these tips will help you easily speed it up and get it running like new!

How can I speed up my computer?

Tip 1: Remove all unneeded desktop icons.
I often help people speed up their computers, and when I do one of the main issues I always see is tons and tons of icons on their desktop. Too many desktops icons can drastically slow down your computer by putting a strain on your systems RAM (Random Access Memory). Your RAM is essential to keep your computers speeds up, and when too much of your RAM is being used to render all the icons on your desktop you will see a performance decrease. So delete any icons you do not absolutely need and keep your desktop clutter free. Tip 2: Free up some hard drive space.The hard drives in our computers are what store all …

Download Torrents Safely by using a Remote Seedbox - Seedr

A few years ago I shared a free seedbox ( offer with you all. Unfortunately, that service has since gone down in quality and the owner has made some questionable decisions that for one reason or another, simply can't be trusted. Not to mention the service was also extremely buggy and suffered from uptime issues.

Fortunately, nearly 3 years later I'm happy to share a new seedbox service. Seedris a new startup from Israel that lets you download torrents remotely. They have a free plan that provides a healthy amount of space and paid plans that offer a very generous allotment of data compared to competitors. The service is very fast, and the reliability has been impeccable. If you download a video or movie file, they will even transcode it and allow you to watch it directly from their service (pro tip: their video player even supports streaming it to your Chromecast, and it works amazingly well - better than Streamcast and other Chromecast plugins).

Seedr lets you up…