Free Seedbox - Download Torrents without Using Your Bandwidth

seeds Continuing in a summer of free stuff, you can get a free seedbox for a limited time.

What Are Torrents?

If you're not familiar, torrents are a way to share and distribute files without requiring the file to be hosted somewhere. Torrents decentralize the sharing of files by ensuring that files are spread out across a number of computers. This means that if a server goes down, the file can still be downloaded because other users are seamlessly downloading and sharing it with others.

What is a Seedbox?

A seedbox lets you download torrents remotely, meaning that a remote server downloads the file using bittorrent, and you can easily download it directly from the server once the file is complete. Seedboxes help you:
  • save bandwidth - since you're not uploading the files to others
  • download files faster - since the server has dedicated speeds
  • avoid censorship - some ISPs will throttle your connection to slow down torrent downloads
  • simply computing - you can turn off your computer, and not have to worry since a remote computer is still downloading the file
Get your free seedbox now and you'll get up to 20GB of space a month to download or share files.


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