Download Torrents Online with a Free Seedbox for 2018 [Tutorial]

Download torrents online free seedbox tutorial
There's a growing movement of people cutting the cord on cable TV subscriptions and entertainment services like Netflix or Hulu, and instead relying on freely available (albeit legally grey) methods of watching the TV shows and movies they crave. Torrent Leecher is a new service letting users download torrents online for free without any special software.

BitTorrent and other P2P services have become really popular with downloading this content nearly instantly after it airs on TV or movie screens. Hollywood and big TV channels have caught on and now police the internet issuing legal threats and fines to pirates who have been caught.

Thankfully, a number of services are available that allow users to download files safely and anonymously without giving up their information (or even having their computer on). These "seedboxes" allow consumers to add a torrent and then allow a remote server to download the file. The user can then download the file from the website once it has completed without having to expose themselves to Hollywood or any watchful eye.

A new service aptly named Torrent Leecher lets you download torrents safely online without any registration and entirely for free. There doesn't seem to be any file size limit currently, with some  users download files in excess of 40gb.

How to Download Torrents Online for Free

  1. Visit Torrent Leecher in Chrome or Internet Explorer. You might need to disable Adblock to get it to work, the downloader doesn't play nicely with Adblock - there are no ads on the site, fortunately.
  2. Grab a torrent from a website and enter in either the path to the torrent file or the magnet URL (recommended). Click the download button.
  3. The torrent will start loading and when it's ready, click the start download button to commence.
  4. You will be prompted to confirm you're not a robot to avoid abuse of the service (e.g., people leeching TB of data and slowing the service). Complete the captcha.
  5. Your download will start and you can leave the tab open or come back at a later point to check in on the file.
  6. Once it's completed, just click the download button to start downloading it to your computer.
  7. Here's the file I downloaded playing in VLC.


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