Local TV Stations Struggles Despite Boom in Online Television Viewership

The Washington Post recently reported on how major local TV stations are struggling to survive as online video increasingly attracts more eyeballs and attention from consumers. With major advertisers turning more dollars towards online video sites like NBC backed Hulu and CBS controlled InnerTube, local stations that were once established to unite communities are now finding themselves in a race to see who can provide the most engaging content.

Some interesting stats from the article:
Americans watch about 147 hours of cable, satellite and broadcast television a month
That's nearly an entire week's worth of television watching - an alarming stat considering that this only includes the time being spent on a conventional television box, and does not include time spent online, which could easily dwarf this number. 
Those who only watch free broadcast television comprise a niche audience. In the third quarter of 2011, they totalled 5.8 million homes, down from 6.25 million homes in the third quarter of 2010.
There's a growing trend towards premium cable, rather than free over the air broadcast television. And a large part of this could be due to the conversion from analog to digital television transmission that happened nearly three years back.

The stats are surprising, but even though online video and television continues to rise, there's still a majority group of consumers that feel apprehensive about terminating their cable subscriptions altogether.


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