ZShare Closes and Shuts Down

It appears that one of the last major video and file sharing services, ZShare, has closed down in light of increased pressure over copyright and piracy allegations. The site best known for allowing video streaming of TV shows and other assorted clips, and also allowing users to download the files through a Rapidshare type service, has been inaccessible for approximately three weeks with no sign of coming back online.

Many within the community have started turning to alternative hosting services, but no official word has been released from anti-piracy organizations on whether this was part of a targeted attack against the file hosting service.

With the recent lawsuits and claims takedown of MegaUpload, numerous file hosts have taken action - with some (FileSonic and FileServe) even taking measures to close down their services in advance of any lawsuits. Of the services that have limited the ability for users to share files with others, few believe that the tactic of laying low will work.

Regardless, numerous file hosting and video sharing services have risen to take the place of MegaUpload and it's only a matter of time before more arrests and close & seizures takes place. My guess is that it's closer than it would appear.


  1. Since zshare and megaupload have been offline, I have used http://hugeupload.com


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