Free $5.00 from Audible

Audible is an online shop from Amazon that deals exclusively in selling audio narrated versions of books. With this you can get $5.00 free credit to any books of your choice (books range in price based on age and popularity) - you may able to get a few books for this.

Audible books are professionally read, sometimes by the original author, and there's a wide range of books including the latest bestsellers and both fiction and non-fiction. It sounds a bit odd, but it's actually far faster and convenient to listen to a book than it likely is to read it - which means you can be taking in a book while you do other things like browse the web, check your email, fold & iron the laundry, or your morning & afternoon driving/commute.

To get the free $5.00 credit, just follow these steps:
Note that when registering you may even be offered 2 free audio books as well in addition to your $5.00 credit. Enjoy :)


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